Comparing event marketing software is fun like the dentist.  


We know. We’ve got your back. And hey, we think Swoogo looks damn good next to most of our “competitors” (yeah, we’re petty), so we’ve got nothing to hide.


Let’s talk dollar signs.

Whether you’re more of a per registration or per user kinda outfit comes down to couple of simple factors; how many events do you run annually and how many people come to them?


Love your event software (with conditions)

Conditional logic is like the Tom Hanks of event software features. It’s easy. It’s likeable. It makes everyone feel welcome.

Use conditional logic to:

Create different experiences for different kinds of registrants

Only bring pertinent information to specific people

Drill down into questions that only create more questions

Make things feel native on desktop vs. tablets vs. mobile


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If you build it…

You run the risk of baseball ghosts running amuck in your cornfield. That being said, bad event sites make people not want to come to your event and, as far as we know, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Most event software products let you import your own HTML/CSS to create a beautifully designed page, but only really awesome ones let you carry that control into your registration pages, and only the dopest of the dope let you do it with a drag-and-drop builder lest you don’t have a designer on hand.

And…. yeah. You guessed it. Swoogo’s the dopest of the dope.


 Let’s break this down.

Here’s what makes Swoogo stand out from the crowd: