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Swoogo makes super intuitive event marketing software for planners who like to get sh!t done.

Built to make our users say “duh,” event creation involves a wizard (it’s no Harry Potter but it’s still cool), building event sites is as simple as drag and drop (or BYOCode if that’s more your gig), marketing tools like site tracking and google analytics can be turned on with like, one button, and registration features some powerful little tricks like unlimited conditional logic.

Pepper in a customer success team that brings in comments like “holy crap, you just lightbulbed my head!” (real user commentary) and a development team that basically lives to build stuff customers need, it’s no wonder Swoogo’s the fastest growing event marketing tool out there.


“If anyone is looking for a new registration platform they should make the leap right into Swoogo’s loving arms”

- Stefanie Moon, Type A Events


Here’s what it costs to get the event marketing platform that makes planners say #swoogoismyboyfriend

Swoogo pricing is based on yearly subscriptions that let you build as many events and have as many registrants as your heart desires. We find that this keep things really cheap for most event marketers— but we may not be right for single, small events. The pricing below is exactly how much it costs to get Swoogo, based on the number of users from your side who will be using the software. We’ve got nothing to hide. The price is right.


$6,600 / year

One full user
One reporting user
Unlimited events and registrations

Asset 58.png

$12,000 / year

Two full users
One free bonus user
Three reporting users
Unlimited events and registrations


$18,000 / YEAR

4 full users
One free bonus user
5 reporting users
Unlimited events and registrations


$24,000 / year

Eight full users
Eight reporting users
Unlimited events and registrations


And an inside look at some of our favorite features


responsive, no matter what side you look at it

Swoogo’s event sites are responsive on the front end, so whatever you design scales flawlessly on tablets and on mobil— ok ok, blah blah, this is all table stakes.

We’re honestly more psyched about how things scale on the back end. That is to say, you can make changes to your events in Swoogo no matter what device you’re working on, whether you’re at your desk or out for a drink. But if you ask us, we vote drink.


Not a drag, but a drag & drop

Look, if you’re the kind of person who wants to write a bunch of code and create something super custom for your event site, we tip our hats to you. And, of course, we’ve made it possible for you to totally control your front end site.

But if you’re more the kind of person who doesn’t know html from rofl, we’re making things just as easy. Our drag and drop site builder lets your brand and customize your event site six ways from sunday. You can even make it look different for different kinds of people. It’s actually kind of… fun.


Great sites are cool. Great reg is mind-blowing.

We think it’s awesome to be good looking, but even awesome-r to be smart. So, naturally, we built a whole lotta brains into our reg system to back up our cool AF event sites.

Our favorite part? Conditional logic. Build all kinds of conditionality into your registration forms, from drilling down on dietary preferences to creating totally different experiences for attendees versus sponsors versus speakers. It’s your world. we’re just living in it.


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