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Let’s start with the basics

Sometimes you just don’t need a big fancy event app (and sometimes you do, but we’ll get into that next). If you’re the kind of event marketer who just wants a place for attendees to get event, session, speaker, and sponsor information (plus 1:1 meeting scheduling), meet our built in app: Attendee Mobile.

It may be cheap, but man is it easy: build your app right through the desktop Swoogo application to look how you want, and then let the product take the wheel. Your information is live updated between your event and your event app, so you basically never have to worry about it ever again.

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And then get into the not-so-basics

Need a little more? Get what you deserve, friend. Our deep integration with EventMobi means we can deliver their apps with your Swoogo event data, at an even better price.

Port information between Swoogo and EventMobi right through Swoogo, without having to double down on info input (not that it’s not fun) or go back in to map fields. And then you get all the good stuff, like event gamifaction, live polls and surveys, etc. etc. You know, trendy stuff. It’s all very 2019.

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Live from wherever you are

The party don’t start til… well.. everyone walks in. With Swoogo Live you can handle check-in right from your mobile device and let arrival data sync immediately to your team at home.

I mean, only if you want to though. No pressure.

Plus, if you’re in need of badges we happen to have an excellent integration with our friends at TRC. Funny how things work out.


Backed by the best

So, no, you can’t use either of our mobile apps without a Swoogo subscription. But hey, that’s kind of the best part.

Swoogo comes with powerful registration pages, with cool stuff like unlimited conditional logic. Building event sites is super easy and duper customizable, meaning you can put your brand front and center whether you’re building through our drag and drop tool or coding your own page (which, btw, you’re totally welcome to).

We’re tops in marketing tools, in analytics, and in integrations. There’s really no downside here. It’s probably time to fill out the form below and learn more.


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