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Registration, but better.

Sure, your event software has registration. I mean, obviously. But just having registration functionality hasn’t been good enough since like, 2006.

In Swoogo you can apply conditional logic to all of your questions, branding to all of your registration pages, and visibility controls to all of the elements on them— basically, it’s everything you ever dreamed of in your reg system. Not to like, brag or anything.



Event apps are awesome. Having to build event apps? Not so much. Let us do the heavy lifting— Swoogo auto-populates your event data to your mobile app, and information is live-refreshed when you make changes.

Too light a setup? We got you. We built a seamless integration with our friends at EventMobi that lets you build a bigger mobile experience with all the same benefits; automatic data sharing, instant app refresh.


Marketing managed

The way we see it, your event website isn’t the start of your registration management— it’s the start of your marketing. And if your marketing starts with your event management tool, it should end in the same place.

With easy features like built in email communication capabilities, one-click Google Analytics site tracking, social widgets, and CRM integrations, we’ve made a cozy little home for your event marketing.

Swoogo Live-41.png

check in? Check.

The party don’t start til… well.. everyone walks in. With Swoogo Live you can handle check-in right from your mobile device and let arrival data sync immediately to your team at home.

I mean, only if you want to though. No pressure.

Plus, if you’re in need of badges we happen to have an excellent integration with our friends at TRC. Funny how things work out.