Swoogo Mobile

Designed as a seamless integration with Swoogo's event software, Swoogo Mobile take the same ease-of-use approach, allowing you to create your unique event app with the same highly-intuitive functionality you already know and love.


DRAG & DROP Feature Selection

Simply drag and drop your desired feature pages in to the app, in the order you want them to appear. Choose from a wide selection of functionality including your registrant list, exhibitor list, schedule, speaker list, Twitter feed, custom pages and more.



Your app uses real time data from your event in Swoogo - no need to worry about pushing the data to another system or maintaining the data in two places. Want to make a change in your agenda or update your keynote speaker? Do it once in Swoogo and it will be instantly updated on your event website, registration page and mobile app.


Your event apps, faster & Easier than ever

Attendee Mobile allows you to create and launch your event app without having to go through the steps of creating a developer account and submitting your app to the app stores. Your attendees download the Attendee Mobile app and your event app lives inside! It's super fast and easy to get your app live and in your registrant's hands.


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