HubSpot Integration

Your events are the perfect way to connect with your audience, face to face. The Swoogo - HubSpot integration brings the power of marketing automation and scale to your events.


As easy as pie

Set up your integration between Swoogo and HubSpot in less than 30 seconds (yes, we've counted it). 

Step 1: Set up your integration in your account within Swoogo

Step 2: Enter your Hubspot credentials

Step 3: Add the integration to an event

Voila! Literally done in 3 steps.


Personalize your event marketing

When connected, new registrants for your Swoogo event will automatically be created as contacts in HubSpot. Within HubSpot, you can see existing contact engagements before your event and if they become a customer after. 

You can even segment and build lists on event registrations and personalize your event marketing.


Are you ready to supercharge your event marketing?

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