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Your event marketing software doesn’t have to suck. Let us give you a spin around Swoogo.

There are some pretty bad@ass companies who love Swoogo, and we’d be amped to have you join them in calling us (event marketing software) bae. After all, we built this product just for you.

You see, event professionals are incredible people. There is one thing, however, that event marketers universally suck at: relaxing.

At Swoogo, we decided it was time to develop a tool that would give back an essential element of relaxation. We set out to create software that was so easy to use, so painless, that it could actually result in the mythical beast we call "free time." Goodbye stress. Hello relaxation. Like the yoga of event marketing software. Namaste.


Our founders, Leonora Valvo and Tim Cummins, knew you wouldn't sleep easy until you had incredibly robust functionality, exceptional ease of use, and a show-stopping user experience. So they put on their event planner hats, sussed out what the industry just wasn't getting from the larger players (one of which they had built themselves), worked day in and day out, and created the only tool that works as hard as you do and looks as good doing it. 

Here’s how it works.


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A genie named Kazaam (Shaquille O'Neal) has been sealed up for thousands of years, until one day he is accidentally freed by Max, who is on the ru… wait, no. No that’s not right. That’s the plot of Kazaam. Our bad.

We’re talking about Swoogo’s Registration Wizard, an eerily smart tool for setting up your event. Create your forms, designate your registrant types, add sessions, etc, guided by the system in easy, intuitive steps. It might even feel a little like magic.

If you need to get away from a local gang, however, you’re gonna need to call Kazaam. The registration wizard has its limits.



(In an awesome site theme with your branding front and center and the ability to design either with your own custom code or using our crazy simple drag and drop site builder) … they will come.

Also, it’s totally responsive, on both the front and back end. This part was too long to fit in the first paragraph, sue us. Anyway, screen size, tablet size, phone size: you can work the way you want to, where you want to, when you you want to. Event professionals are on-the-go all the time – we let you break free of your desk. You deserve it.


We’ve got nothing to hide. The price is right.


$6,600 / year

One full user
One reporting user
Unlimited events
Unlimited registrations


$12,000 / year

Three full users
Three reporting users
Unlimited events
Unlimited registrations


$18,000 / year

Five full users
Five reporting users
Unlimited events
Unlimited registrations


$24,000 / year

Eight full users
Eight reporting users
Unlimited events
Unlimited registrations