Your event marketing software doesn’t have to suck.

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There are some pretty bad@ass companies who love Swoogo, and we’d be amped to have you join them in calling us (event marketing software) bae. After all, we built this product just for you.

You see, event professionals are incredible people. There is one thing, however, that event marketers universally suck at: relaxing.

At Swoogo, we decided it was time to develop a tool that would give back an essential element of relaxation. We set out to create software that was so easy to use, so painless, that it could actually result in the mythical beast we call "free time." Goodbye stress. Hello relaxation. Like the yoga of event marketing software. Namaste.


A quick word on pricing.

Swoogo pricing is based on yearly subscriptions that let you build as many events and have as many registrants as your heart desires. We find that this keep things really cheap for most event marketers— but we may not be right for single, small events. The pricing below is exactly how much it costs to get Swoogo, based on the number of users from your side who will be using the software. We’ve got nothing to hide. The price is right.


$6,600 / year

One full user
One reporting user
Unlimited events and registrations

Asset 58.png

$12,000 / year

Two full users
One free bonus user
Three reporting users
Unlimited events and registrations


$18,000 / YEAR

4 full users
One free bonus user
5 reporting users
Unlimited events and registrations


$24,000 / year

Eight full users
Eight reporting users
Unlimited events and registrations