Registration, meet magic.

A genie named Kazaam (Shaquille O'Neal) has been sealed up for thousands of years, until one day he is accidentally freed by Max, who is on the ru… wait, no. No that’s not right. That’s the plot of Kazaam. Our bad.

We’re talking about Swoogo’s Registration Wizard, an eerily smart tool for setting up your event. Create your forms, designate your registrant types, add sessions, etc, guided by the system in easy, intuitive steps. It might even feel a little like magic.

If you need to get away from a local gang, however, you’re gonna need to call Kazaam. The registration wizard has its limits.


If you build it…

(In an awesome site theme with your branding front and center and the ability to design either with your own custom code or using our crazy simple drag and drop site builder) … they will come.

Also, it’s totally responsive, on both the front and back end. This part was too long to fit in the first paragraph, sue us. Anyway, screen size, tablet size, phone size: you can work the way you want to, where you want to, when you you want to. Event professionals are on-the-go all the time – we let you break free of your desk. You deserve it.

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What if we told you you could have an event app that was so seamlessly linked to registration software that it could fill in all the details without you having to ever lift a finger.

What if it knew where your sessions were, and when. What if it knew who your speakers were, and who was coming.

What if it wasn’t actually a separate thing from your registration software at all. What if it was just part of it.

Meet attendee mobile.

LIVE from (wherever you are), it’s mobile check in!

Know who’s who and who’s here with Swoogo Live. Check registrants in with the swipe of a cell phone.

Need onsite badge printing? We got you covered. Swoogo Live works seamlessly with a range of badge printing options from our BFFs at TRC.

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