Honestly, we love it when people talk behind our back.


“I love how sleek and modern the theme designs are 😍”

Rachel Li, TK Events


“If anyone is looking for a new registration platform they should make the leap right into Swoogo’s loving arms. For me it was love at first sight. It makes me excited to build registration sites and forms. There’s more conditional logic in Swoogo than we know what to do with. You can add a fee to ANYTHING. Your name is Kjerstee with 2 E’s, $5. Your dietary pref is lobster, $100. You’re a CEO, ok we won’t charge but you will have a custom reg experience. But what do I REALLY love about Swoogo? Their amazing team! They have a solid platform that is backed up by a world class support, development, sales and leadership team. #iheartswoogo #swoogoismyboyfriend

“I've been in the event industry for over 15 years and Swoogo is the most polished, flexible and user friendly event registration tool that I have ever used. Our company had an extensive registration technology search in order to find the best solution to meet our needs. The sales process was exciting, the on boarding has been amazing and the tools and resources that are available from day 1 are extremely helpful. We have not been this excited about event registration in a very long time! Thank you SWOOGO!!!”

STEFANIE MOON, Sr. Manager, Meetings & Events, Type A Events


“Usability, flexibility, functionality - need I say more? :)”

Diana Scott, Garnish Events


“Swoogo’s customer service has been AMAZING.  I can tell [them] what we need and within minutes or hours that change is made. For other major changes, he will give me an estimated date that I can expect it to be done and then always gets it done within a couple of days. These are changes we’ve been asking [our previous provider] to do for 2-3 years).”

Tammy White, CMP, iPlanit


“Outstanding is the word I use to describe Swoogo. We reviewed a number of other platforms and Swoogo outperformed them all. Could not be happier with our choice.”

John Kelly, Bluegrass Business Media


“We tested it with one of the biggest events of the year for us and we were able to build the entire form in less time and with less headache than we could with previous software that we were familiar with using for years. I think that alone says a lot.”



"It's fantastic to work with a registration company that not only has a great product, but listens and responds to our specific requirements."

Matthew Finlay, CEO, Rising Media


“THANK YOU for working with us on the Albright Institute registration, and especially for your support with Monica’s questions. We’ve found the system very helpful and it has given our client peace of mind.”

Stephanie Goodell, Samaya


“We had to switch event/registration management softwares last year, and one of our vendors recommended we look at Swoogo - man, are we glad we did! It's super-easy to use, flexible, and easy to update.”



“We love the folks at Swoogo and their platform. They have been terrific to work with and we evaluated every vendor in this space. They’ve done everything and more that we have asked them. I am happy to discuss any specifics with you but I firmly believe they are the very best in this space.”

Matt Schramm, bepc


“Swoogo is an extremely user-friendly tool. The experience from the back-end development to the front-end user is extremely smooth, logical, and very easy to use. Swoogo...is clean, functional and professional – from the registration build-out to even the website build-out. Having worked with many different systems, Swoogo is certainly at the very top of my list.”

Abbegayle Morrow, Vendome Group


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