Swoogo for agencies

We know how hard you work to make your clients look good. You're probably juggling several accounts at once and are stewards of the brand experiences you create for them. When you're working hard for your clients' brands there is no "we kinda nailed it".

Swoogo makes it easy to impress your clients with branded event experiences they will feel proud of. And when it comes to keeping them up-to-date with all of the important metrics they want to know about their events, you will delight and dazzle them with the numbers because our dashboard makes it so easy for you to shine, day or night.

  • Custom branding and analytics  
  • Build your own themes and sites
  • Add and track analytics across all event site pages
Swoogo’s reports will help you manage and understand your clients’ event
This is perfect. Every time I’m working in Swoogo, I send a message to my co-workers and say “I LOVE Swoogo!” So many options and ways to do things, but they make sense!
— Tammy White, iPlanIt