A New Brand of Customer Success: Introducing the Swoogo Certification

Making it easier for event professionals to get sh!t done has always been our mantra and our battle cry. We hope that by creating this education platform, we’re enabling our users to skip the support queue and work faster and easier. We’re enabling them to get more sh!t done. As promised, you know?

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23 Nasty Event Registration Form UX Mistakes (And What You Can Do About Them)

Despite the constant innovation, web forms, including event registration forms, remain one of the core barriers between registrants and event marketers. Here are 23 examples of some of the nastiest event registration form UX mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

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Empathy, Events, and Why Walking in Your Customers' Shoes is a (Painfully) Good Idea

It wasn’t until the day after UNCON ended that knowing running events is tough turned into understanding just how tough it is. And, despite the five month headache and three day back ache— it was totally worth it. I’m going to be better at my job because of it. Our company believes empathy is a superpower; here’s why I agree.

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Molly Falco
Google Analytics Reports: 5 Metrics Event Marketers Should Pay Attention To (But Often Don’t)

We all know we should be collecting our event website data— but how many of us really know wtf to do with it? Stick with us for our roundup of five of the metrics you should actually be paying attention to, and how you can use them (other than screenshotting them into a powerpoint so you look smart in front of your boss)

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Carsten Pleiser
3 Mind-Calming Tips To Relax After Your Big Event [Guest Post]

We all know about post-event blues— where you’ve spent months on end planning and prepping and driving yourself nuts and learning every. last. detail, and now the party’s over and you’re not really sure how to move on. Luckily our friends at Seven Events Ltd have some ideas.

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