5 Ways To Personalize Event Marketing Pre-Event

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Don't you love seeing your name in print, or being called by name? 

Of course you do! It's a special feeling and one that has been passed down across many generations. After all, who wants to be treated like a number?

Event Personalization is one of those 'trends' that have been floating around in our industry for years. In fact, even the Romans organizing events in the Colosseum had ways to personalize event marketing and enhance the overall experience of their events. 

Costumes, armour, weapons, people and scenery all had to be in place. Tickets for the event were issued in advance, political careers and the power (popularity) of Emperors depended on the success of the games. There were different areas for VIPs (the Emperor and the following) and commoners, different seats to choose from and acts aligned to what the Emperor would really love to see.

Luckily, we don't live in Ancient times anymore and technology can help us personalize event marketing to increase the experience. 

In this post, we're looking at different ways how you can implement event personalization ideas pre-event. 

1) Look at your event website journey 

You can start to personalize the attendee experience from the moment someone first hears about your event. That's usually the moment when someone decides to check you out and the first entry point is typically your event website. Making sure that your attendee finds the info she needs to find and gets excited about your event is crucial. Landing pages which are personalized to the attendee type are a great way to capture interest and keep people hooked on your site.

2) Make your event website responsive

The first element of a personalized attendee experience is her decision to view your event site on the device she wants, desktop, mobile or tablet. The experience needs to be outstanding and responsive.

If you haven't built a responsive event site, you should probably think about how many people won't register because you've not made it easy for them.

3) Customize your website BASED ON PERSONAS / Attendee Interests

You need more than a one-size-fits-all event website.

You're running an event targeting techie people and marketers? Why not highlight different speakers for different audiences? A techie attendee might be interested in your techie stream with speakers like Steve Wozniak (what a great guy! Man, we wish we had him as a speaker), whereas a business/marketing person might want to learn insider business secrets from Jeff Bezos.

4) Improve the registration flow

At this point, your potential delegate is excited about your content and speakers and wants to attend. The next step is that they complete information that you require to gran them access, the event registration.

Think about your registration process. Is it clunky like a too-big pair of shoes? Or is it as smooth as peanut butter?

Many organisations ask all sorts of unnecessary questions during event registration. Well, unnecessary from your attendees' perspective, as there is nothing in it for them unless you use the information to further personalize the experience.

How can you do that?

For example, you can provide your registration & check-in staff with valuable information to better assist and guide the attendee to the next phase of the event journey, therefore making the experience smoother.

How about pulling up the attendee's first agenda item to prep them on where to go, or acknowledging how someone got to the event or what special events the attendee signed up for.

5) Build communities and discussion groups pre-event

Have you considered co-creating content with your audience? Create a LinkedIn, Facebook or Slack Group and invite your registrants to help build buzz in advance. Let them tell you what topics or speakers they'd like to hear about, and build content around what's hot.

For example if the latest book by a speaker has been read by your registrants, set up an interactive session where they can ask questions, adding depth to the knowledge they have from reading the book and creating a super-valuable event experience.