How To Use Event Technology To Be A Better Event Planner [Infographic]

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Event Technology provides an unlimited number of possibilities for event professionals to monitor costs, enhance collaboration, cut out human errors, ease networking and save time. 

Together with our friends at Maximillion Event Creators, we've created this handy infographic which sums up industry stats, event technology trends & use cases.

Did you know, about 57% of planners use event management software?

Many of the event registration tools available today integrate with other leading event technologies to allow event planners to manage and analyze their event attendees, collaborate, engage audiences, manage content and handle on-site check-in & registration. 

Event management software like Swoogo allows planners to create event websites, email invitations, mobile apps and personalised attendee communications which puts your attendees and your brand front and center and helps you become a better event planner in the long run.

Furthermore, event tech allows you to pull together reports and analytics, so you're better informed, making your job much less hectic & chaotic. 

But there are more tools available to you than just event registration.

Using live streaming at events on various social media channels can extend the reach of your audience. Measuring footfall at large-scale events can be handled with location intelligence software. From API, robotics, crowd shaping, drones, and geofencing to, Social Media and Email Marketing, the applications of tech in the event planning industry are limitless.


You're working in a growing industry where budgets, head counts & events are increasing

  • The event industry is growing with more events, increased budgets & headcount

  • 1 out of every 4 event professionals uses tablets to manage the registration process

  • Using event management software can increase event attendance by up to 20%

  • One size fits all will be abandoned. You need technology that adapts, is customizable and plays well with other event tech vendors

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