5 Facebook Event Planning Groups You Should Join In 2019

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There was a time when the majority of Event Professionals hung out in LinkedIn groups to discuss ideas, share thoughts, or exchange knowlege. Nowadays, those event planning groups on LinkedIn seem deserted and spammy (except a few exceptions).

There are still some good ones out there, like Event Planning & Event Management - 1st Group for Event Professionals, but the main activity now takes place outside those LinkedIn groups.

And guess where event professionals tend to hang out now? Facebook.

According to Hootsuite:

  • 66% of monthly Facebook users use it daily

  • Americans spend 58 minutes per day on Facebook

  • 200 million people are members of meaningful Facebook Groups

How did we come up with the list?

In order to create a list that was not subjective, but based on data, we looked at several factors for each group including:

  • The number of members (a very rough measure on popularity)

  • Target Audience (event professionals & event marketers)

  • Popular Topics

  • Moderated & spam-free

Making our decisions based on number of members is not ideal. The quality of Facebook Groups depends on valuable content shared, engagement, and general helpfulness.

In order to give you the most accurate results, we also reached out to individual group owners to share their own Facebook Insights with us and explain their vision and mission for their respective groups.

Here goes....

1. Event Technology Help

  • Members: 940 (as of December '18)

  • Founded: 2018

  • Ideal Audience: Suitable for all #EventProfs running all kinds of events, but primarily for those who have to use technology for their events or as part of their role

  • Moderated: Yes

  • Closed Group: Yes

  • Application Required: Yes

About the group:

The name says it all. This group is all about Event Technology, so you can join and ask for help, ask for recommendations, and help each other out. The group has currently ~1,000 members.

The group is primarily aimed at those looking to use event tech and covers all aspects from sourcing, to implementing, to using event technology.

Topics include:

  • Sourcing of new technology suppliers

  • Setting up event technology

  • Troubleshooting

  • Integrations

  • Feedback/suggestion on event tech

About the Owner:

Adam Parry is the co-founder and editor of Event Industry News reporting on the global events industry. He has a passion for technology and labradors and tweets under @PunchTownParry.

2. #Eventprofs Mastermind

  • Members: 2,041 (as of December '18)

  • Founded: 10+ years ago

  • Ideal Audience: Mid-leve to senior event planners & suppliers in the corporate or special events space

  • Moderated: Yes

  • Closed Group: Yes

  • Application Required: Yes

About the group:

Eventprofs Mastermind was one of the first organized communities on Social Media. It was created with the guiding mission to give planners and suppliers a place to experiment and try new tools and technologies without fear. "We embrace and celebrate the bleeding edge and continue with that mission." says founder Lara McCulloch.

Topics include:

  • Event Marketing

  • Event Branding

  • Event Technology

  • Creative ideas

  • Business strategy

About the Owner, Lara McCulloch:

Lara McCulloch has built her career on building successful brands. For 25 years, she’s worked with Fortune brands, like Good Humor-Breyers, Scotts Canada, Reckitt-Benckiser, Shell and Cadbury Adams as well as small businesses. She is also the founder of the 2nd event community to exist on Twitter (also featured in Tim O’Reilly’s The Twitter Book).

Lara served as President of ILEA Toronto and was bestowed with Leadership and Dedication awards from this chapter. She was named Top 40 under 40 by Ignite and Rejuvenate Magazines, honored with the Spirit of the Industry award by CEI and was esteemed with the title of Industry Innovator by BizBash Magazine.

She authored an award winning blog, which was also the highest ranked independent blog in the Meetings and Events industry and launched a New & Noteworthy podcast called Start Some Shift.

3. #EventIcons Show

  • Members: 310 (as of January '19)

  • Founded: 2018

  • Ideal Audience: Viewers of the #EventIcons Podcast

  • Moderated: Yes

  • Closed Group: Yes

  • Application Required: Yes

About the group:

The #EventIcons Facebook Group is a little different from the rest. Why? Because it's exclusive to viewers of the free #EventIcons Podcast allowing members to talk and engage with the guests of the show. By joining, members can start conversations, ask questions, and get exclusive content offers.

Topics include:

  • Event Logistics

  • Event Promotion

  • Event Branding

  • Event Inspiration

  • Event Design

  • Business strategy

About the Owner, Will Curran:

Will is the founder of Endless Events. He has been named one of the 40 under 40 event industry leaders, 35 entrepreneurs under the age of 36, and Inc. Magacine's Coolest College Start-up all before graduating college.

Will has been producing events since high school when he started his first company and now worked in production of large event clients such as Emerald City Comicon, Anheuser-Bush, Color Run, Morton Salt & Uber.  His team's mission is to simplify the event planning process by creating the equation for an event's perfect solution.

His company Hello Endless (@helloendless) is a nationwide event production company and creator of amazing event industry content.

4. The Delegate Wranglers

  • Members: 13,177 (as of January '19)

  • Founded: 2014

  • Ideal Audience: Agencies, Corporate Event Planners, Freelancers, PAs, Event Suppliers - everyone is welcome

  • Moderated: Yes

  • Closed Group: Yes

  • Application Required: Yes

About the group:

The Delegate Wranglers is a place for event professionals to share information, ask questions, advertise industry jobs / freelance positions and generally help each other out with the benefit of everyone's combined experience. It's a welcoming space, negativity not permitted. The audience is primarily UK based.

Topics include:

  • Venue finding

  • Supplier finding

  • Entertainment

  • General event industry advice

  • Event job searching

About the Owner, Neil Thompson:

Neil has been an event manager for 20 years, beginning at Littlewoods before moving onto work at a medical communications agency, specialising in all type of pharma events.

After a few years, Neil set up his own business, Red White Blue Ltd, which he ran successfully since April 2005. He started the Delegate Wranglers group back in 2014 with the thinking being that it would be useful to have a group with around 20 event industry colleagues, so that thet could share information, pick each other’s brains for knowledge etc.

In October 2016, Neil decided to grow the group as activity started to pick up.

5. Event Planners Gather

  • Members: 17,925 (as of January '19)

  • Founded: 2007

  • Ideal Audience: Event planners, meeting planners, and event marketers

  • Moderated: Yes

  • Closed Group: Yes

  • Application Required: No

About the group:

Event Planners Gather is founded and moderated by BizBash, North America's #1 source of ideas, news, and resources for event and meeting professionals. The group is ideal for people who take event planning, meeting planning, event marketing, networking, user groups or any other type of gathering seriously. It's a great place to share ideas and resources.

Members need to adhere to strict rules, so you won't find spammy or promotional content.

Topics include:

  • Event Best Practices

  • Event Marketing

  • Event Ideas

  • Event Technology

About the Owner, David Adler:

David Adler is the founder and CEO of BizBash. He's a veteran media, marketing, and event industry entrepreneur.  But he's not the only one running this amazing group. In fact, Event Planners Gather is moderated nicely by 4 additional admins. Expect high-quality content that's relevant and easy to digest.


We keep our eyes open for other amazing Facebook groups targeted at event professionals and meeting planners. Have we missed any group? If yes, drop us a comment below. And by the way, LinkedIn is up and coming as the go-to-network to connect with like-minded individuals.

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