Swoogo Releases Hotly Anticipated 1:1 Meeting Scheduling Capability [Press Release]

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Swoogo event marketing and management software just announced the release of its newest capability, a networking function that will allow organizers to enable attendees to schedule 1:1 meetings within their event.

The feature, called simply 1:1, has been requested by many new customers switching to the platform from older event registration technologies where it has previously been on offer. While Swoogo has been aware of and working on addressing the need for some time, the company chose to stick to it’s “best in class” product model and custom built the new feature to work seamlessly and simply within their existing product. This marks a divergence from many of the event tech giants who choose to “patch” features like 1:1 into their product through acquiring other technologies.

“By creating a 1:1 product that’s unique to Swoogo, we’ve made it easy for our users to design the process,” said Founder and Chief Software Architect Tim Cummins. “It looks and feels right within the existing website builder.”

“Plus, it functions with a lot of the same customization options and insights that are found across the software, like the ability to control who can meet with who and when, or reporting on who created meetings and ensuring people aren’t double booked.”

Swoogo has long eschewed the Frankenstein product growth model, though the company often partners with other best-in-craft technologies to add value for customers.

“Swoogo customers have been asking us to develop a 1:1 meeting solution for a couple of years. In keeping with our partnering philosophy, we worked to find an existing solution to integrate with, but in every case customers reported unsatisfactory experiences with those solutions,” said Founder Leonora Valvo.

“We know how painful software gaps are for event marketers, so we decided to make the investment in developing a solution that is delighting our customers.”

For many, events provide an opportunity for in-person networking, a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly rare in 2019. With 1:1, not only are attendees able to introduce themselves to their industry peers at events, but really target opportunities to have important conversations with those they’re most interested in meeting face to face.

The types of meetings this feature enables are poised to significantly bolster attendee ROI, and could be a huge draw to attending events in general.

Equipped with 1:1, organizers using Swoogo are able offer a more personalized and enriched experience to their registrants. Still buzzing from the release of 1:1, the Swoogo team is gearing up to continue building at pace. With three new product development positions open and a growing team in general, Swoogo is looking towards beefing up feature production and increasing value for new and existing customers in 2019.

Molly Falco