You should probably come to Unconventional

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When we started the Unconventional Blog in 2016, we were determined to make learning about the events industry and event tech at least, like, 60% less obnoxiously boring.

You see, information is pretty much always good, but industry blog posts are pretty much always bad. Ok, that’s subjective. But you get the point. We were sick of contracting temporary narcolepsy every time we wanted an update on what new mobile apps were out there or what social tools for event marketing were emerging.

We hope that in the last three years we’ve achieved that goal (also it’s cool if you’ve like, literally never read one of our blog posts before, we get it), and we couldn’t be more friggen amped to be able to bring that same goal of delivering content that feels more like Red Bull than chamomile tea to our first ever user experience: Unconventional 19.                                  

Of course, the content is sort of the cherry on top of this one— our special day is about bringing event marketers together, providing an inside peek at Swoogo (the company, the tool, the features, the roadmap), and, or course, the open bar.

Just like, don’t tell my boss I said that, k? Even when you meet him in person.

All in all there are a lot of reasons why we’re excited to be bringing Unconventional 2019 to you, and while a blog post that listed all of them would be v-long and snoozeworthy (defeating the whole-@ss point), we hope these top 5 pretty much cover it.

See you there?

1.  You talk to our team all the time— isn’t it time you saw their actual faces?

Whether you’re obsessed with your sales person, need to tell the customer success team how lost you’d be without them, or you’re one of my personal favorite people— the kind who respond to our emails with laughing emojis— the whole Swoogo team will be showing our faces at Unconventional, and we can’t wait to see yours too.

2. Our product is on the move, and we want you to know about it.

We think one of the best things about Swoogo is the constant evolution of our product— our development nerds work tirelessly around the clock to keep things moving. And since they’re stuck in a hostile work environment where people call them nerds all the time, let me tell you; they’re PSYCHED to get to hang out with some people who love them for their work. Unconventional 2019 will be their chance to share our product roadmap, as well as humblebrag about some of the amazing things they’ve made over the last year or so. If you want to know where your favorite event marketing software is headed, Uncon is the place.

3. Learning about features is more fun face to face

We know, we know, reading about stuff in the help center is fun on its own. When we say it’s more fun face to face, we mean for our Customer Success team, who sit alone in their houses all day without human contact. Each of our feature subject matter experts will be manning a booth at our first ever Feature Fair, where you can stop in and get an in-depth, super targeted look at the feature that’s been stumping you or you wish you could get more use out of. The Customer Success team is already working on their volcanoes and tri-fold boards— how cute!

4. There is just. so. much. to learn about events.

So much that I spend like 70% of my day just learning about what’s happening in the events world. Ok ok, so I’m in a little bit of a unique position as part of the Swoogo marketing team, but you get the point— there’s just an insane amount of content out there, and just reading it on the Internet isn’t good enough (at least for me). We’re creating an opportunity to share, discuss, and collaborate; not just learn. Our favorite thing about Unconventional is the number of event professionals we’re bringing into the same room.

5. We want to meet you

Ok, this one’s selfish. Come have a drink with us. We’ve been wanting to say hey since like, the day we first met.

Molly Falco