Here's Why You Need to Know About CCPA— Even if You're Not in California



California just passed a new consumer privacy law that’s gonna make things a little trickier for you, compliance-wise (even if you’re not in California). We’re running a webinar in partnership with 3Comply about what it is and what you need to do.


If you’re not yet aware of California’s brand new consumer privacy law, now’s the time to start getting cozy with it.

Dubbed California’s “mini-GDPR,” the new rules do seem similar to Europe’s law— but there are some differences that make GDPR compliance not quite cover CCPA.

I know what you’re thinking— “I’m not even in California and idc.”

Feel you. The thing is, California has a way of leading the country in tech and privacy law. In fact, a handful of other states are already considering adopting CCPA, and frankly, we’re pretty sure the spread of this thing is going to be annoyingly swift.

Why are we so sure? Well, we partnered up with compliance advisory firm 3Comply to get a better understanding of how CCPA is going to affect our industry. And honestly, we thought it was so d@mn useful we’re co-hosting a (free) webinar on it so you can get all educated up too. Make sure to sign up if you want to get the right info at the right time (spoiler alert— you need to start worrying about this right now).

Still not sure if this matters? Here are some more reasons we think you should learn more about CCPA like, right now.

Under the new law consumers will be allowed to request information about their data dating back to January 1st, 2019.

CCPA doesn’t actually go into effect until January 1st 2020, but if you’re not prepared with organized consumer data information from as early as the beginning of this year, you could still be effed when that date rolls around. 3Comply advises you start making appropriate changes to data collection and filing like, yesterday, so you’re not scrambling when the law takes effect.

GDPR is less strict than CCPA

Here we all were, thinking we were safe with how we handled data when we became GDPR compliant. Wrong-o! CCPA’s definition of “personal information” is a much wider net than GDPRs, making the rules a lot tighter right off the bat. There are some more key differences that will have to change how you sell your events; make sure to catch the full scoop in our webinar.

This thing affects your partners and API connections too.

Even if you go fully CCPA compliant, you could still end up in trouble if your partners, the tools you use, and products that connect to yours aren’t. Getting the low-down can help you lead the way in establishing compliance with your whole crew; a must if you don’t want to get dinged for misusing data.

There are, honestly, a zillion little things about CCPA that you need to know going into 2020. Things that, frankly, we’re still not aware of. Which is why you’ll see us at our own webinar.

Molly Falco