A New Brand of Customer Success: Introducing the Swoogo Certification


Let’s face it— a lot of event marketing and registration platforms have… similarities. Sure, some are easier to navigate (ahem) and some have slightly smarter features (also ahem), but at a basic level they’re designed to help you get the same things done, and as a result have comparable functionality.

We are, obviously, not ignorant to this. From the inception of Swoogo, we wanted to make the easiest to use tool on the planet and yes, we wanted to pack it with the most in-demand features; but we also knew we’d be competing in a space with much bigger players. 

Bigger companies with bigger budgets and bigger marketing teams and bigger sales teams and bigger customer success teams. And maybe that should have scared us. But for whatever reason— call it insanity if you must— we’ve always sort of seen that as an advantage for us. 

We’ve had the opportunity to start fresh in a market that had already become a little less than customer-centric and rock the stability of those major players who could get away with poor customer service because, well, they were the only ones around. 

We’re proud to think we’ve had some influence in their improvement. 

That being said, if our new leads and customers, friends and partners are to be believed, those giants still have a long way to go when it comes to putting customers first. 

And us? We’re known for it. 

We’re beyond excited to be thought of for excellence in customer success. It’s been the core of our focus from the beginning, and the real stand-out feature that has separated us from other tools that, yeah, kind of do the same thing (if you don’t mind a few migraines here and there). 

So, feeling like we’re starting to get this customer centricity thing figured out, we asked ourselves: how can we do more?

For us, Certifying Swoogo users has a twofold purpose. 

Firstly, we want our users to feel empowered. While we love chatting with them over tickets and helping answer questions, we’re not blind to the fact that just being able to do it without help is the best way to tackle any problem. 

The certification platform we’ve designed is an educational tool, and we won’t lie; it comes with a little homework. Think of it like a guided tour through our help documents— we’ve strung together a linear curriculum in how to use Swoogo to its fullest. Investing in the course materials and taking the tests comes with some pretty cool end results: a certificate, early access to our community (more on this in a sec), and frankly, another shiny credential for your LinkedIn page. But it also comes with an even better prize: some time back.

Making it easier for event professionals to get sh!t done has always been our mantra and our battle cry. We hope that by creating this educational platform we’re enabling our users to skip the support queue and work faster and easier. We’re enabling them to get more sh!t done. As promised, you know? 

The second reason we’ve decided to launch a certification program is community. 

We are, admittedly, pretty friggin’ good with our own product. We’re probably the best at using Swoogo and creating custom solutions within it. But do we know everything? 

Absolutely not. 

One of the most beautiful things about Swoogo is how customizable events and sites are within it. By introducing their own code or hacking existing features to do new and exciting things we find our users are constantly creating above and beyond what we sometimes think of as our system’s limits. 

And sure, we have a team who can build and customize anything you want in Swoogo. But those guys need to get paid, and as a result we have to ask our users to pay to access them. It’s the best we can do. But it’s not the best our users can do for each other

By building a community of Swoogo users we hope to enable the open sharing of ideas, hacks, and code snippets. What we can’t build for free, maybe another user already has— and is willing to give. What we don’t know about creatively breaking our own product (we… sort of try not to break our own product), perhaps another user does because they’ve broken it that way before. 

And, in its simplest form, maybe a user has a quick non-technical question, or could use a little insight into event creation best practices. They’ll simply be able to ask. And our certified users? Well, they’ll be able to help. 

As we move towards launching this community, we hope to first grant access to certified users for advanced idea sharing and brainstorming. As we open the community up, we’ll have created a subset of trusted advice-givers. True Swoogo-gurus who know events, and who really know Swoogo. 

We’re excited to see what that community becomes. We’re excited to hand off Swoogo expertise to our dedicated user base. We’re excited to help make things better for our customers, in any way we can. 

We hope you’ll join us in becoming certified, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being customers who make us want to grow and improve. 

Michael Sabani
Director of Brand Experience

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