5 Common Questions About Retargeting For Events, Answered!



Here’s a sad reality.

You’ve got your fancy event website up and running. Your registration site is live. You start promoting your event through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Co. 

In your mind you can’t wait to get those sweet registration alerts. Am I right? 

As soon as you launch that campaign you see your real-time Google Analytics reports spike. More and more people are clicking through to your site. The traffic increases, then it peaks. 

Jackpot!!!”, you think, “Jackpot!!!” 

You check your registration report. Nothing.

You check your inbox for registration notifications. Nada. Zero. 

Not a single registration.

You’re worried that your prices may be too high or your content not good enough. 

Don’t worry. It’s not you - it’s me. 

People are just not ready to buy at their first visit.

They come to your site to check out the agenda, speakers & the content. Then they leave. They go somewhere else. They forget. And sadly, they never come back.

It’s a fact. Only 4% of people arriving at your website will convert for the first time, 96% won’t.  

This also includes all kinds of websites, such as eCommerce websites, not just event websites. 

But it still sucks big time. Four Percent…Really?

This is exactly the type of problem that retargeting can help you solve. 

What is Retargeting?

In the most simplistic way of explaining, retargeting is the digital version of selling to your customers after they’ve already interacted with your event site. 

Cool, right?

If you’re already an experienced marketer you know that there are different types of retargeting. 

For example, you can engage with people who already know your site or you can retarget to people who’ve never been to your site.

In this post, we focus on the first, retargeting those who’ve already interacted with your site. 

In case you’re interested, here’s an overview of the various different types of retargeting methods lovingly prepared by the re-marketing experts at Chango.


Remember the 96% who don’t convert? 

Thanks to retargeting, you can engage with that audience later on, after they have left your site and moved on.

You can then try to convert those visitors at their own pace and on their own terms whenever they’re ready. 

Makes sense?

Yes, But How Does Retargeting Actually Work?

Retargeting works with the super power help of cookies. 

No, not like those homemade chocolate chip cookies you might be thinking of right now (anyone else hungry?).

In tech talk, cookies are super tiny files which are saved by your web browser when someone visits a site, as scary as it sounds.

Identifying those visitors allows software platforms like Feathr to display retargeting ads to your audience while browsing other websites.

And why is retargeting so bloody effective?

Retargeting is effective because it focuses your ad spend on people who are already familiar with your event and have demonstrated interest by checking you out.

Someone who already checked out your keynote speaker is probably more likely to convert that someone who hasn’t. 

What Are The Benefits Of Retargeting To Promote Your Event

With retargeting you’re taking the guesswork out of the marketing game. You already know who your audience may be based on behavioral data.

For example, you can target only people who spent at least 1 minute on your speaker page, or people have checked out 3 pages in total. 

In a nutshell, retargeting for events helps you with:

  • Brand Recognition: Once they’ve been to your event website, you can throw out your hooks again and they will start recognizing your brand across different channels.

  • Increased ROI: You’ll not only get more clicks from retargeting, you will also convert more people to event attendees. Your ROI can increase by 200% when using retargeting, according to Noah Kagan 

  • Upsell or cross sell opportunities: Want to upgrade existing registrants to the VIP Package? Retargeting allows you to upsell or cross-sell products or services to people who’ve already bought into your event

OK. I Get The Benefits. Show Me Some Stats!

You’ve already seen the huge benefits of using retargeting ads to promote your event. 

I bet you crave some data and proper stats. We’ve scoured the web to uncover some of the real-life data from companies.

How about this?

  1. According to CMO.com, 25% of online viewers enjoy seeing retargeted ads.

  2. Website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are more likely to convert by 70%.

  3. According to Wishpond, the click-through rate (CTR) of a retargeted ad is 10x higher than the CTR of a typical display ad.

  4. Compared to other placement strategies, retargeting generated the highest lift in business name searches by 1,046%, according to ComScore.

  5. 91% of marketers who have used retargeting have found it to perform the same as or better than search, email, or other display ads, says IAB.

If you're really keen to get started, read on.

Okay. What’s Next?

Before you start implementing any tactics you need to determine your objectives and benchmark for success. 

Do you want the most people to see your brand for exposure, or do you want to pay as little as possible for the actual ticket sale or registration? 

Different goals require different techniques and you need to find the right balance between scale and performance.

Want to learn see some real use cases and learn how retargeting works in practice?

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