Introducing Swoogo x EventMobi: Why We Believe in Making Friends over Buying Enemies


The way we see it, there are two ways to approach providing robust event tech solutions to the industry:

  1. Buy any tool (and its customers) that poses a threat to our business, building a patched together Frankenstein of an event management system


  2. Partner and create integrations with targeted tools to create an agile, easily navigable suite of smart solutions without compromising on our own product

While option 1 certainly has its plus sides (who wouldn’t want to control a monopoly), we’ve always felt pretty deeply that linking best-in-craft solutions is the best way to give our customers tools that not only work, but that are focused on continuing to lead the industry in their particular field.

It’s why we built the Event Tech Tribe, why we focus on constantly smoothing the seams of our partnerships, and why so many of our existing customers come to us from those larger, annexed solutions.

As those conglomerated pieces of tech continue to bloat, we’re excited to announce that the Swoogo family is growing too— but we’re doing it our way.

Until now, we’ve focused on an API connection model with lateral customer support. This has worked pretty impeccably, but when it came to adding a robust mobile solution that would connect to our system profoundly enough to feel like the same product, we would need to do more than simply share data.

Introducing Swoogo x EventMobi

Choosing EventMobi as our partner was basically a no-brainer. In Swoogo Founder Leonora Valvo’s words, EventMobi “reflects the culture, customer commitment, and product quality that’s central to Swoogo.”

It doesn’t hurt that EventMobi is, at least in our opinion, easily the most comprehensive event app on the market. To start, the product allows its users to completely custom design and brand their app, a feature that’s inherent to Swoogo and crucial in any of our partners.

Beyond typical capabilities like agendas, event info, appointment booking etc, EventMobi comes with the gamification features that we’ve seen most in demand from our customers, like live polls and surveys, live display, and vendor/session check-in rewards.

And, as data and tracking to prove event ROI and effectiveness for vendors becomes increasingly important, we knew we wanted to partner with a tool like EventMobi that would allow users to pull comprehensive, customizable reports on all their event data— just like they would in Swoogo.

So, we did. But we didn’t just partner. In order to provide our users with a completely smooth experience, we just created our first ever deep integration.

But what does deep integration even mean?

Great question.

All of Swoogo’s partnerships are based on sharing our API key. Which, honestly, get’s the job done. Sharing that key means all your data from Swoogo can be ported into whatever tool you’re using, so you don’t need to do stupid time-wasting bs like manually exporting registrant data and importing it back into a different system, or manually updating it when that information changes (can you tell we’re not big fans of inefficiency).

But until now, all of that sharing was kind of one sided. You could move Swoogo data somewhere else, but all the fine tuning that came with that data porting needed to happen on our partners’ ends.

Not this time, my friends.

Our EventMobi integration is built into Swoogo. That means it has its very own UI, living right in the Swoogo product. You can choose which data to share, map fields, and make changes right from inside of Swoogo.

One login. One experience. Managing data in two systems. Pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves.

Why should you care?

By now, most of the industry is aware of Cvent’s recent DoubleDutch acquisition. As another independent piece of event tech gets rolled into the Cvent machine, we think it’s more important than ever for single-product companies to join together in offering event professionals solutions that are more agile, more a-la-carte, more cost effective, and… well, friendlier than the major alternatives.

In creating this deep integration, we’ve married two independently excellent products in a way that won’t leave fault lines for customers to hurdle. We’ve created the ability for our combined users to enjoy the same premium functionality that comes with the Cvent-DoubleDutch merge, without the pain points. We offer friendly customer success, with 100% satisfaction rates. We offer agile feature building, responding quickly and easily to how our customers want our product to grow. We offer the singular focus that allows us to remain at the top of the industry.

And by integrating our friends, we can grow, iterate, and improve both independently and together, deciding as a team how that partnership should look going forward.

We think that’s, in a lot of ways, the only way to serve number one: you.

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Molly Falco