8 Women In Events Reveal What's In Their Onsite Event Toolkit


#EventProfs, what’s in your onsite event tool kit? 

That’s the question we asked 8 incredible women in events to find out what they bring with them every time they are on location at an event. 

And here’s what they said:

Leonora Valvo (Co-Founder of Swoogo)

Leonora is the founder & CEO of Swoogo. She’s a long-term event tech founder & investor, Top 25 Women in Events in 2017, the creator of the Event Tech Tribe and founder of Women in Event Tech.

Why blister treatments and flat shoes MUST be in your event toolkit:

“I sadly don’t run many events any more, but when I did my must haves included flat shoes and blister treatment! You don’t want to be running around in high heels unless you really have to. Heels not only cause blisters, they also make a lot of noise. And trust me, you don’t want everyone to be turning around every time you walk into a room during an ongoing session.”

Leonora continues:

“If you’re unsure about the shoe options or must wear heels, bring a few shoe options to the site. And if one pair feels like a cloud by your toes or scrapes the back of your heel, switch midway through the event.” 

event toolkit

Tomai Morris (Commercial Manager at Property Council of Australia)

Tomai runs the National Conferences Division at the Property Council of Australia including the National Retirement Living Summit & Awards. Her background includes a variety of roles including working at PCO’s, running in-house events, and managing global event tech. 

What 5 must-haves are in Tomai’s onsite event toolkit?

  • Spare Shoes

  • Change of clothes

  • Power Bank

  • Water

  • Mobile Phone

Why so little, we wondered:

“I found if I was taking a suitcase or tub full of items that were never used. These days everything is online and the odd one thing you need you can usually get from the venue or AV supplier!”

Britta Schellenberg

Britta is brand and marketing strategist & consultant. As a former VP of Brand Marketing at Brightcove, Britta was responsible for running PLAY, one of the largest conferences that truly exemplifies how tech brands can use in-person experiences to position themselves as thought-leaders in their field. 

Britta has already had multiple appearances on the Unconventional Blog, including an in-depth interview where she talks about Event Marketing on LinkedIn

Britta enjoys Yoga and meditation, so you’ll probably wonder what’s in her event toolkit, so here goes:

  • Aromatherapy Oil

  • Vitamin C Pills

  • Own Water Bottle (Don’t waste plastic, people!)

  • Facial hydration spray

  • Hand wipes

  • Small deodorant 

  • Power bank

  • Cell phone

  • Mala beads


PS: For those of you who don’t know what Mala beads are (I had to google it too), a mala is simply a string of beads that are used in meditation practice. It is a tool to help you count mantras, and acts as a tactile guide as you sit in silence.

Pretty gnarly, no?

Felicity Cator

Felicity is an UK-based events professional with experience in both, corporate and commercial industries. She is currently Head of EventLAB at Hire Space and has a passion for live events and the communities they create. 

Apart from the obvious stationary and tech accessories, there are a few other personal things I can’t do without on site:”

  • Mints (keep that networking fresh!)

  • High energy healthy snacks like fruit and nuts (ask your colleagues to force you to eat them. You can only survive on coffee, but that doesn’t mean you should)

  • Small, lightweight hands-free bag or runner’s belt for carrying your phone (2 in 1 solution that allows you not to lose our phone on site 

  • Portable phone charging pack

  • Painkillers & plasters

Rosie (Francis) Sherry

Rosie founded Ministry of Testing, an amazing global community for software testing. She’s also the community manager at Indie Hackers, a wonderful community focused on helping independents, bootstrappers, makers and creators build and grow their business.

"Our TestBash events have always been about bringing software testers together, essentially they are an extension of our online community.  So when we think of an essential toolkit, we think about it from that aspect. Here’s what’s in our tool kit:

  • Stickers, people always want our stickers :)

  • T-shirts, or nice swag to give away

  • Fake tattoos. Yes, that’s right. It helps people relax and have fun. Or they bring them home to their kids

  • Notebooks, pens and name tags

Molly Falco (Brand Manager at Swoogo)

Molly Falco is the Brand Manager at Swoogo. 
When not travelling and working remotely, she’s responsible for our awesome brand (duh...) and she also runs the annual Swoogo user conference UNCON.

Let’s see what’s in her event tool kit, shall we?

  • Backup battery for phone & devices

  • Power cubes (or strips)

  • Emergency WiFi extender

  • Tape, Tape, Tape, Tape, Tape, Tape, Tape, Tape, Tape


“Gaffer, duct, scotch, electric - something’s always gotta be held somewhere. Running conferences, there are a lot of unexpected things that can happen.” 

Think 6Ps.  Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Right, Molly?

Odette Jansen (Meeting & Congress Planner)

Odette organized academic conferences and business events. She’s an expert in meeting design, project management, event registration and logistics.

“I do not go to a conference without my Poster Buddies. They are crucial for running scientific conferences where you have, well, lots of posters.”

Apart from that, Odette brings along:

  • Ginger Power Snacks with lots of hot ginger water in my S’well bottle

  • Stationary

  • Aspirines 

  • Tape

  • Scissors

  • Paper

  • Pens

  • Batteries & Power Banks

  • A lot of enthusiasm

  • Bottle opener and corkscrew

  • Cable ties

  • Candles

  • Charger 

  • Clipboard

  • Elastic bands

  • Extension cord

  • First aid kit

Do have plans to organise a (academic) conference or business event? Do not hesitate and entrust the meeting design, project management and logistical execution and delegate registration to a an experienced expert. With a healthy dose of humour I confront and overcome obstacles without hesitation

And power snacks: ginger power snack to keep me going together with lots of hot ginger water in my S'well bottle ;-) and my survival kit suitcase that contains everything (stationary, asprines, tape, scissors, paper, pens, batteries, powerbanks, etc)

And last, but not least (and probably the heaviest event toolkit of all), here’s what Siviglia Berto brings along to her events. 

Siviglia Berto (Founder at PassPorte)

Siviglia runs PassaPorte, an event consultancy focused on customer creating lifetime experiences, team building events & incentives. She’s a self-proclaimed emotion creator and out of the comfort zone specialist. 

Ohh, we love leaving the comfort zone. 

Let’s talk brass tacks. What’s in your event toolkit, Silviglia?

  • A lot of enthusiasm

  • Bottle opener and corkscrew

  • Cable ties

  • Candles

  • Charger 

  • Clipboard

  • Elastic bands

  • Extension cord

  • First aid kit

  • Hand wash/shower gel

  • Hammer

  • Insect repellent

  • iPhone lead and plug

  • Laminator

  • Pens and pencils (also highlighter pens)

  • PostIt notes

  • Matches and lighters

  • Markers (thick, black markers)

  • Measuring tape

  • Mints

  • Multi-purpose phone charger

  • Multi-purpose surface cleaner

  • Multi plug socket adapter

  • Nails and screws

  • Napkins

  • Notepads

  • Pain killers (Aspirin/Ibuprofen/Paracetamol)

  • Paper clips

  • Paper towels

  • Picture hanging wire

  • Pins 

  • Pliers

  • Push pins/tacks

  • Safety clips

  • Scissors

  • Sewing kit

  • Shoe polisher

  • Stapler and staples

  • Swiss army knife incl. Screwdrivers

  • White sticky labels

  • Superglue

  • Tape (carpet, clear, skotch, masking, electrical and duct tapes)

  • Tape measure

  • Tissue paper

  • Toothpaste 

  • Disposable toothbrushes 

  • Toothpicks

  • Wipes (hand and face wipes)

  • Window Cleaner

  • Umbrella

  • USB stick

There’s definitely a lot in here, but it all makes sense.


And that is it. 

We would love to have many more women in events featured on here, so if you want to reveal what’s in your event toolkit, send an email to marketing@swoogo.com and you might get featured on our list. 

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