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Here’s how it’s done.


Size does matter

When you use Swoogo’s event website builder, you’re creating a page that looks good on desktop, tablet and mobile— yep, these pages are automatically responsive.

Change the experience as much as you want between screen sizes; with conditional logic you’re free to hide widgets, images, or whole-@ss pages depending on what size device your site visitor is using.

Plus, this whole responsiveness thing works on the back end too— you can manage and make tweaks to your event right from your mobile device. No running back to the office after you’ve already left for happy hour required.


Drag & drop or code your own

You don’t have to be a big nerd to use Swoogo’s event website builder; just some rudimentary design chops and a mouse. You’ll be able to drag and drop text, images, videos, speaker profiles, agendas— tbh like a million different useful things— right into your event site. No code required. Branding on everything.

Got a designer on board? That’s chill too. You can use your own code anywhere in Swoogo to build a totally custom site, custom pages, custom widgets; you get it. Go nuts.



Easy to use website builder, check. Good looking, double check.

Premium features, like conditional logic, easy custom reporting, built-in site tracking through Google Analytics, one-stop registrant communications, and 1:1 meeting scheduling? Check, check, check…. you get the idea.

You know what they say, beauty starts on the inside— and may we say, we have a gorgeous back end. After all, what’s the point of a sexy event site if it doesn’t have the brains to back it up?