The number one event software for planners who like to get Sh%T Done

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The simplest choice in event management software. Period. 

Built by event tech veterans to make every aspect of event planning simple and intuitive, Swoogo is event management software that combines heavyweight features with so-easy-my-five-year-old-could-do-it functionality. From custom event websites to on-site event registration to an analytics dashboard that puts all the important event statistics at your fingertips, Swoogo is event software for people who love to get s#!% done. Perhaps the only thing Swoogo can’t do is tell you how to find a venue for an event!

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The number one event software for planners who like to get s#!t done. 

Swoogo combines heavy weight event creation, management, and marketing features with easy-to-use, easy-to-understand reporting. 

On the back end, simple dashlets let you see important event information at a glance, tailored to the data you care about the most. 

On the front end, beautiful, branded event sites attract attendees on desktop and mobile. 

What's not to love?

FOR agencies


leave the juggling to the professionals

Swoogo and Swoogo mobile makes managing multiple events, event apps, and data sets a breeze.  Learn more  

For media

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because even potus can't make you less popular

When you're running events that people want to attend, paying for your event software by registration just doesn't cut it. Learn more   

For Corporations

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It's okay to make everything about you


When it comes to your event sites, you should be self-centered. Swoogo lets you put your brand front, center, and any other direction you choose to go. Learn more


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