The #1 event marketing software for planners who like to get sh!t done.

You do the talkin’, we’ll do the walkin.’ Swoogo lets you capture attendee info and market your @ss off with your brand front and center. It’s event marketing software that lets you really be yourself. Wholesome, right?





Making a bad@ss registration site in Swoogo requires 0 code or design knowledge— just choose the elements you need on your page and drag ‘em in. Prefer to dig in? That’s cool too. This party’s BYOC (bring your own code). Plus, we have a team to help if you need it.

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Check in? Check.

The party don’t start ‘til they’re all checked in. With Swoogo Live you can check your attendees in with nothing but your phone— and let’s face it, it was gonna be in your hand the whole time anyway.

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No event software is an island, or something? We took the “pick one thing and do it well” route, but we’re proud to call some of the dopest event tech around our partners, and we have integrations with all the best-in-craft providers you could hope for.

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There’s an app for that

Make your event pocket-sized with Attendee Mobile. Create your custom app and sync directly with your desktop site updates so your attendees know what’s up, no matter where they’re at.

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You don’t have to be rich to look expensive.

Per registration pricing is great if you hate people and don’t want them to come to your event. If you’re more of “fill the seats” type person, our user-based pricing might be a better bet. Pay just for your team who will use our system— no matter how many events you have, or how many people register for them.

$6,600 / year

Includes one full user, one reporting user, and unlimited events and registrations.

$12,000 / year

Includes two full users, one FREE bonus full user, three reporting users, and unlimited events and registrations.

$18,000 / year

Includes four full users, one FREE bonus full user, five reporting users, and unlimited events and registrations.


$24,000 / year

Includes eight full users, eight reporting users, and unlimited events and registrations.

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“I just wanted to tell you that I’m loving the system.  Like, really loving it.  That’s all."

Julie Thompson-Whelan, VP Operations and Production / See More

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